Video: Max Hiscock

A fantastic original instrumental track, called “Shuttle Home” by Max Hiscock at the Acoustic Cafe.

Max is a previously featured Heartstrings Melbourne musician; check out his profile here:

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For an official recording of this track:

Charlie Calleja

Charlie Calleja
Open Mic Night @The Acoustic Cafe

“My goal is to make another album this year.”

Playing his first Open Mic in Melbourne, this English musician’s fantastic voice and catchy originals made a real impression on the audience and myself (example: he gave me a copy of his EP and I have been listening to it on repeat!). Playing music for over 14 years, Charlie’s originals fall into the category of Alternative Acoustic/Folk.

I was impressed to hear that for a past album Charlie was flown to the US to record it and had the privilege of playing alongside members of some well renowned bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Beck, etc. Whilst he regrets not staying in the US longer to support his album’s release with several live performances, it was an amazing experience for him. Truly a rare lifetime opportunity!

Having been out of the live performing scene for approximately 4 years, Charlie thought it was high time he got back into it: “I’ve started writing loads and I’ve got plans to make an album soon.”

“Even if my career is just song writing for other people, that’d be great, but obviously I’m trying to make a go of it myself.”

Charlie encourages local musicians to:

“Get out there as much as you possibly can and do it as often as you possibly can. Don’t stop writing – it’ll get better and better and better. Keep writing like crazy!”

“Don’t compare yourself to people who are crazily successful. You can’t compare your second rate performance with someone else’s first rate performance.”

Stay updated with Charlie’s performance schedule round Melbourne at

Check out his awesome originals at


Ben William

Ben WilliamOpen Mic Night @ The Acoustic Cafe

“Ever since I was five I’ve always thought I’ll be a musician […] I don’t think I’d be happy doing anything else.”

Officially the youngest musician featured on this blog, is 17-year-old Ben (soon to be 18). Extremely talented, mature and articulate for his age, Ben recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne, despite the fact he doesn’t know anybody here… yet:

“There’s only one way to meet people in the music industry, and that’s to just put your name out there.”

Playing both covers and originals in the light rock/folk realm, I caught this singer/songwriter at his first Open Mic in Melbourne, where he blew everyone away with his musicianship and professionalism.

“I’ve moved down mostly for music but I’m doing Uni as well so I’ve got that as a back-up plan if music doesn’t go 100% for me.”

Although he is about to embark on a Computer Science course at Swinburne,

“Ever since I was five I’ve always thought I’ll be a musician. The chances of making it in the music industry are so low, but if I’m being completely honest I don’t think I’d be happy doing anything else.”

Speaking to other local musicians:

“The more unfamiliar environments you put yourself into, the more chances you have of meeting people. That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment.”

Encouraging people to come watch Open Mic nights:

“Even if you find just one piece of music that moves you, that’s all that really matters. If you’re in the room and you’re thinking there’s no place I’d rather be, then you’re obviously doing the right thing.”

Come along and watch Ben playing at the Acoustic Cafe most Thursdays.

Ben will be releasing an EP in the next few weeks so watch this space: