The more time you spend trying to be someone else
is just time wasted
Christopher Sprake

Firstly, thanks to the amazing musicians for their music and the interviews after their sets.


Kevin Murphy, Shannon Steuer, Indya ConnleyAilsa Wu, Tamara Tubakovic, Kelly Rogan, & Max Hiscock.

(To use any of the photographs or artwork on this site/Facebook Page, please link the site so credit can be given to the photographers/designers!)

Interview & Blogging Assistance:

Lucas O’Connell, Greg Steps, Steve Browne, Ben Salter, James Hallal, John Back, Mitchell P Ward & Raquel Evelyn.

Graphic Design:

Chien Yu Yeh & Carlotta Zorzi


Christian Schmidt for assistance with domain registration & web hosting.

Chenyu Ling for events management assistance.

Richard Fletcher for video and live webstreaming assistance

Last Match Recordings for offering studio time giveaways to Heartstrings artists.


Southern FM 88.3 for having us on their show

Arts Victoria for listing our organisation

Radio Monash for having us on their show

JPEG - ANZ Music Matters Supporter Badges

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