Andrew Thomson

Open Mic Night @ The Great Britain Hotel

“[Music] is all I’ve known; it’s all I’ve done.”

I was amazed by Andrew’s playing style – a bit of lead, combined with percussive technique all on acoustic guitar. Very reminiscent of Tommy Emmanuel, which (no surprise) was an influence for him.

Andrew is new in Melbourne, after moving down from NSW and a short stint in Tasmania. He works 45-50 hours a week. Despite this, he has had a range of success in music in the past couple of years.

Back when myspace was a thing (before facebook) he was discovered and his music was played abroad. Nowadays he’s been out of the ‘gig game’ for the past 11 months or so, and tonight was his first night back into it officially!

“I don’t care about the money, I’m working 50 hours a week, I’m paying the bills. I just love to play and I really need to get back into it.”

On giving advice to other musicians on the local scene:

“Just do it. The only person to hold you back is yourself. Just f***ing do it. At the end of the day it’s up to you to determine what success means to you.”

On commenting about people who don’t check out live music at the grass roots level:

“Everything on the radio came from somewhere. At one point it was someone’s pride and joy at a local venue like this one.”

Andrew plays a range of music and a range of instruments and I was pleased to learn that he has an EP coming out in early March this year.

Keep up to date with it here and listen to his originals so far – truly great tracks!

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