Cameron Lee-Brown

Open Mic Night @ The Great Britain Hotel

“It’s sad to see live acoustic music dying off.”

With a harmonica around his neck and his guitar pumping out his folk/blues originals, Cameron (which incidentally looks abit like Jim Morrison) is a veteran on the local music scene. Having performed growing up at various venues, Cam has always loved playing one instrument or another.

“It makes me feel alive to perform.”

Cam is looking specifically to set up some regular gigs for himself and his music but for the moment:

“Open Mics are a way to get my confidence up and get my music out to audiences.”

For other local musicians on the scene:

“Keep doing it [playing music] so it doesn’t die off anymore than it already has. I used to play Open Mics growing up as well and those venues have started dropping off or stopped hosting live music altogether.”

To encourage more people to attend Open Mics to watch the performances, Cam says:

“You get to hear a range of music. Instead of just listening to the radio which has a bunch of dance music and international acts, search for what else is out there.”

“There’s so much talent [on the local scene] you wouldn’t even hear about.”

Cam will be playing at the Cornish Arms on Monday nights and Bar Oussou on Tuesday nights.

Keep up to date with his originals at

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