Marcel Altena

Marcel Altena
Open Mic Night @ The Acoustic Cafe

“I picked up the guitar because of a female I really liked…”

A candid and friendly musician, Marcel’s style has a distinct blues tinge to it, seasoned to perfection with some jazz elements (yes this is now a cookery blog). An interesting combination and complemented by a voice that brought the crowd in closer at this already intimate venue.

Playing guitar for 3 years and singing for just around 2 years, all self-taught, Marcel admits that:

“I picked up the guitar because of a female I really liked who was also playing the guitar and I wanted to learn with them. They fell off the radar, but I just kept going with it.”

Whatever the reason for taking it up, we were all glad that he continued with it!

He’s been busking for about a year now but he plays Open Mics to gauge how he sounds and get feedback from the audience.

“[I play music for] Self-expression; at the moment it’s just to play, but if people thought I was good enough, then may as well [take it further].”

Working a couple jobs in hospitality, Marcel is a bar man, barista and wait staff, spending his time outside of work playing music. Busking for about a year – hunt for him in the inner city suburb shopping centres and supermarkets.

As a local musician:

“Don’t be afraid of judgement. Do what feels right. That’s more complicated than it sounds; knowing what actually feels right.”

For (potential) live music fans:

“Don’t come just for the Open Mic. Come for a good time; the social atmosphere and meet like-minded people.”

Interview Bloopers:

Marcel, being of Dutch descent, has a very long name (shortened on this blog to Marcel Altena) which he jokingly says may inhibit his ability to attain fame:

“Famous musicians their names have an even number of syllables; you have like E-ric Clap-ton, Ji-mi Hen-drix.”

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