Michael Waugh


“You can’t practice connecting with an audience sitting in your bedroom; you’ve got to actually get out there and do it.”

Whilst Michael is more of an ‘established artist’, having played multiple festivals around Australia (eg: Selby Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, etc.), he maintains the heart and soul of a grassroots musician. A truly down-to-Earth and sincere singer/songwriter, Michael’s music is folk and country inspired; the storytelling songs.

Spending most of his 20s chasing a rock n roll dream, emulating pop songs with little success, Michael is now happily married and a full-time media studies and drama teacher.

“I don’t aspire to be a rockstar. I’m not trying to get somewhere or be something, I’m already there. Even if I’m playing in a place with two people in the room and one of them is listening and connects with the story, I’m already there.”

It wasn’t until he found his voice and began writing songs true to himself that he really began to connect with audiences. Check out his moving performance at the Port Fairy Folk Festival:


“You could see people wiping tears from their eyes. It was so powerful that I felt all of that coming back to us on stage. We all had that experience together.”

Is it any wonder why he has won multiple songwriter awards? I wanted to know about his creative process!

Michael writes a lot of his songs in-transit, but only writes down the ones that have stuck with him:

“If they’ve connected with me they’re likely to connect with somebody else […] I’ll write down the songs that make me tear up. The more specific the description of your experience, the more broadly it will apply to people.”

He certainly has not forgotten his Open Mic roots. They were a platform for him to hone his musical skills as well as practicing the craft of communicating with an audience.

“You can’t practice connecting with an audience sitting in your bedroom; you’ve got to actually get out there and do it.”

Open Mics are also about meeting people and developing a community; in fact Michael met both Kate Crowley (featured in the above clip), and his manager, Aaron Thomas, on the Open Mic scene.

“All it takes is someone to say, ‘I really enjoyed that, thank you’, and that means the world to that person who just walked off stage. Other people also see that and it creates a supportive culture.”

Check out his Heyfield Girl EP on iTunes – I remember “Heyfield Girl” from when I would see him play on the local scene back in 2012. A very touching song both then and now!

Grab a copy of his second EP by sending him an email at info@michaelwaugh.com.au.

Keep posted on his performances on his Facebook Page: facebook.com/michaelwaughfm


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  1. Michael, I’ve seen you a few times at Acoustic Cafe. Yep, you can certainly tell a story. I enjoyed it each time!! Cheers Mate, Oscar

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