Nick Evangelou

Open Mic @ The Great Britain Hotel

“I’ve got a heap of originals that I’ve collated over the years and it’s about time… I wanna share them with people.”

I walked in to the sound of a brilliantly full bodied 12-string guitar singing out as Nick played his instrumental originals.

He plays finger style instrumental music, along with lap style slide and a bit of singing on the side (hey that rhymes.. next blog will be a poetry blog!).

Nick works as a landscaper by day and plays music on the street as often as he can, sometimes even after a full day at work.

I happened to catch him at his first ever Open Mic night.

“Since you’ve been playing the street so much, why haven’t you played an Open Mic before?”

“Just nerves. But I thought I’d bite the bullet.”

On giving advice to other musicians on the local scene:

“My biggest thing was nerves, so the first thing I’d say is that no one cares if you stuff up. No point second-guessing what you’re doing – Just do it. If it feels right it most likely is.”

“If you’re a creative person something like this is a god send. You can get up there and don’t have to compete for gigs.”

On commenting about people who don’t check out live music at the grass roots level:

“It’s a must do! They’re brilliant things to support creative people  in a creative city and it gives the city a sort of character. If this dies off any more than it already has, Melbourne would lose a massive asset.”

Nick will be playing at the Great Britain Hotel most Wednesdays, or busking in the city along Swanston St or Southbank. Be sure to see him in action!

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  1. Great stuff! Looking forward to next week ^_^

  2. Heartstrings Melbourne

    Thank you – glad you enjoyed it. Plenty more hidden gems to be featured!

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