Simon Mac

Open Mic Night @ The Cornish Arms

“Hello, my name’s Simon. What do you do?”

Variety is what open mic nights are all about and Simon is the very definition of that, showcasing his fantastic rapping, rhyming and vocal harmonics completely A Cappella.

Whilst he had performed his rhymes before, he had never tried his singing on stage. Just before singing he confessed to his nervousness, which was met by roars of encouragement from the eager listeners in the crowd. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and nailed it.

Buzzing from the adrenalin after the set and coming off stage to an amazing reception, he gives me the strongest high-5 ever. I was so happy for him!

He plays open mics to evolve his vocals and asked me to quote directly “Throat Chakra Upgrade”; an interesting concept, Google it.

But the most interesting reason for performing Open Mics is to assist with his future career as a primary school teacher!

“So how does playing Open Mics help with being a primary school teacher?”

“They help me in developing the vocal confidence and presence that the role requires.”

By day, Simon studies his Masters in Primary School Teaching, writes rhymes, and volunteers at various social initiatives such as ‘lentils as anything’.

“What would you say to other musicians on the local scene?”

“Hello, my name’s Simon, what do you do?”

On commenting about people who don’t check out live music at the grass roots level:

“Before musicians make it big, they start in the low key venues; these are the low key venues.”

You can catch Simon and his rhymes at Bar Oussou on Tuesday nights, and the Brunswick Hotel Monday and Wednesday nights.

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  1. Simon, good luck with teaching! You’re going to be an awesome teacher!

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