Henry Ridgway Brooks

Open Mic Night @ The Great Britain Hotel

“Commit to what you want and verbalise it with you actions.”

Passion & Intensity. These words spring to mind when I think of Henry’s performance. Playing mainly folk/pop/blues/rock originals Henry says:

“[Open Mics] are great practice to help work out the kinks in my originals.”

Working as a bartender whilst finishing his Arts degree at Monash University, he ultimately wants to take his music further, but for the moment he is just a casual performer.

Speaking to other local musicians:

“I think it was the Black Lips who said in an interview recently: ‘commit to what you want and verbalise it with your actions’. Basically, tell people about it and do it.”

Henry agrees that Open Mic nights generally don’t attract the huge crowds, but that this is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps the atmosphere intimate.

Regardless, he encourages you to:

“Come on down and listen to some good tunes”

You can catch Henry playing at Club Voltaire on Thursdays.

Keep up-to-date on his music at https://soundcloud.com/henryridgwaybrooks