Lee Greens


Open Mic Night @ The Acoustic Cafe

“I’ve gotta try and write some happy songs; it’s easier to write sad songs, isn’t it?”

No live music night is complete without a rendition of Wonderwall, Lee delivered! But not just with a classic cover, but with his ‘mellow melancholy’ originals which were unique and heartfelt.

“What I love the most in life is being on stage and playing music. I’ve had a few different jobs but I think [music] is the most fulfilling.”

Fronting a band for 7 years, Lee has performed across the UK and in Croatia (The band is called Orange Room and they’re well worth the look up!).

“The amount of times we got called The Orange Room, or Orange House…”

This being Lee’s first solo gig as an acoustic singer & guitarist, he was a bit nervous being up there by himself.

“When you got a band behind you you’re more confident. You have a couple beers together before you go on stage, it’s like a little army.”

“[As a solo performer] I can get my personality across more, whereas with a band it’s more of a formula; does the drums fit with the bass, etc. If it’s just acoustic you’re literally just telling a story with your guitar.”

By trade, Lee is a barista (“it’s a bit indie I know”) & a trained locksmith.

“I can pick your locks and also make your coffee.. I make a nice latte!”

For the local musicians:

“Don’t get disheartened if you feel that the crowd don’t get into it. As an audience people here are alot more self-conscious but they’ll probably go home and look you up on YouTube.”

Check Lee out at the Acoustic Cafe Thursdays or at The Evelyn in May – Details at www.facebook.com/leegreensmusic