Richard Batty

RichardOpen Mic Night @ The Great Britain Hotel

“Give new talent a chance and be open-minded. Always be looking for new music and musicians.”

I was captivated by Richard’s charismatic performance and highly talented guitar playing and singing.

He plays originals which are in the folk/pop genre, with inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan and Tim Hardin.

He is actually visiting from the UK where he is a self-employed musician. Music is literally his life with steady gig schedules 4 days a week.

“It seems you’re pretty well established in the music scene. Why do you play Open Mics?”

“To take it to the next level and forward my music career.”

It seems Open Mic nights cater to musicians at all levels in their careers. From hobby-musicians right up to the artists with EP’s recorded and tracks available commercially.

On giving advice to other musicians on the local scene:

“Have confidence! Play your own material as much as you can.”

On commenting about people who don’t check out live music at the grass roots level:

“Give new talent a chance and be open-minded. Always be looking for new music and musicians.”

Be sure to check out his talent on his website –