Open Mic Night @ The Acoustic Cafe

“I’ve done my time playing music to people who don’t care.”

With a tremendous and dynamic voice, “Butters” of ‘Pumazoo’ absolutely blew me away with the standard of his originals; self-categorised as ‘ambient indie rock’. Having moved down from NSW where he played guitar and vocals in a successful covers band, Butters plays Open Mics because:

“It brings me great joy to play music to people who are keen to listen; so it goes hand in hand that the more people who can hear it the better. [At Open Mics] you’re just playing to people who enjoy music and that’s what it’s all about.”

“I’ve done my time playing music to people who don’t care and it’s the most frustrating thing.”

By day, Butters is a Youth worker, working with children from various schools and teaching them life skills (think confidence, personal development, social skills, etc.).

Encouraging people to come to an Open Mic and watch some of the performances:

“Particularly here [Acoustic Cafe], it’s a very guitar-around-bonfire kind of vibe, and everyone loves a bonfire!”

“[Melbourne] is where the [music] appreciators are.”

So Butters reckons you all should come for the atmosphere and watch the performers playing around the proverbial ‘campfire’.

“It’s easy to get disheartened with what you’re doing; just stick at it. I think everyone always says that. If you put in those hard yards, it may even take years, but you’ll get to that point where what you’re trying to do matches what you want to do.”

No lined up venues to catch this musician in action, but he will be performing all round Melbourne several nights a week. Let’s play a game; it’s called – find Pumazoo!

Keep updated with his music escapades and shenanigans at www.facebook.com/pumazoomusic