Sarah-Rose McIvor

Sarah-Rose McIvorOpen Mic Night @ Bar Oussou

“Whenever people ask me this question I always say depends on what day of the week.”

The one that almost got away – I missed out on interviewing her the first time I saw her playing at the Great Britain Hotel but luckily was able to catch her playing live another time. Well worth the wait, this charismatic and highly talented performer rocked the electric piano with some soul/folk/blues/ indie originals.

She’s a piano and singing teacher by day at several primary schools, does admin work for another school, finishing her Diploma of Education, writes all the songs for her band “Dash” and also writes songs for other bands!

Basically, a wonder-woman of the music world!



When it comes to writing songs, she draws inspiration from people and how they interact with each other, as well as the natural environment. In terms of style, she’s a big Feist fan – great stuff check them out. Some of her music is crafted around phrases or hooks:

“Someone said to me ‘the day the rain comes down’, and I thought that there was so much imagery in that one line.”

She’s trying to make a go of it with her band and their goal is to be financially secure. After only 18 months, they’re well on their way with some visionaries in the band, complemented by her left-brain logistical thinking:

“My brother would be like ‘in two years time we’re gonna go record in France’, while I’m freaking out figuring how we’re gonna get to France.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing – she recalls one of her most scarring experiences performing solo at her Grade 6 graduation with the whole school and parents watching. She steps to the microphone for her one line and unknowingly bursts out laughing the whole way through. Everyone stares and she thinks it’s because she just sucked – she didn’t sing for really long time after that!

Her tip for musicians big or small is to set a goal and achieve it!

“Even if that goal is to finish a song – you’ve got a million half songs, but finish one and perform it.”

Check out her band, Dash (I’ve been hooked on their music lately!): &

Sarah-Rose will also be playing with guitar accompaniment at The Thornbury Local on the 2nd of May!