Reuben Duffy & Joe Baarda

Reuben & Joe
Open Mic Night @ Station 59

“My aspiration is to have a full crowd.”

I was struck by how these two musicians worked so well together. The charismatic and engaging blues/folk singer & guitarist (Reuben) was complemented perfectly by a more subdued jazz saxophonist (Joe).

These two blokes, playing both originals and covers were such a hit that they were asked to stay on for an encore.

Reuben: “I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half, so I spend my days as a hands-on Dad for my 7 year old son, as well as writing songs/poetry.”

When asked about his musical aspirations, Reuben contently replied with:

Reuben: “I don’t waste my time thinking about fame or fortune. So I’ve never had that crushed heart that some of my friends have had. My aspiration is to have a full crowd. That’s as big as I dare to dream.”

Giving advice to other local musicians on the scene:

Joe: “Don‘t play anything by half measure. Throw your whole self in. Genghis Khan said: if you’re afraid, don’t do it – If you’re doing it, don’t be afraid

Reuben: “Discover your musicality. Wake up to the fact that you are born to play. People say ‘I’ve got no sense of rhythm’, but they walk ok, don’t they!” 

You can catch Reuben and Joe playing at Station 59 on Thursday nights.

Interview Bloopers:

Joe: “I’ve got 800GB of music. The only thing I’ve ever deleted is Guns n Roses. Ever.”

Reuben: “but the power of nostalgia..”

Joe: “No. NO! At the time, the first time I heard them I liked GnR. Ever since I’ve hated them.”